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Text Box: PDF sheets of Prime Number Bookmarks (4 bookmarks per sheet).  Color choices are available.  Each bookmark has the primes from 1—100 highlighted.  A great bookmark for your math book!
Fold along the edge before the 2500 primes to make a wallet card.


Excellent work done quickly.

Text Box: PDF of the 25 Primes from 1—100 chart and notes.  An easy way to learn the primes from 1—100!

PDF of divisibility rules and their (detailed) explanations.  The explanations try to stay within reach of anyone with knowledge of basic mathematical operations (+, -, x, ÷, exponents, etc.) and are not meant to be mathematically rigorous. 

This document doesn’t have a specific target audience, e.g. the elementary or advanced student; instead, I think there’s something in there for everyone.   If you get bogged down in an explanation, keep reading—there’s easier material ahead.  After all, the last divisibility rule is the rule for division by 1, and what could be easier than that?

Play our Calculation Challenge Game.  Just like the 24 playing card game:  Choose any 4 integers and try to find as many ways as possible to combine them using only the operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division and any order of parentheses to result in a Goal integer.  Our Calculation Challenge Game, however, allows you to choose any integer Goal number, not just 24.  Then compare your solutions with the solutions generated by the Calculation Challenge Game.

Calculation Challenge Game          Play the game!

Prime Numbers

These Prime Number items are based on a design we first saw in a Paul Zeitz math lecture.  If you are unfamiliar with this design, please see “How to Read the Prime Number Card” below.

Text Box: PDF sheets designed for Avery 8820 Folded Two-Sided Printable Business Cards (4 cards per sheet).  Color choices are available.  
The Prime Number Cards highlight the fact that all primes, except 2 and 5, end in 1, 3, 7, or 9...obvious once you think about it!
The Prime Number Cards make it easy to memorize the 25 primes from 1—100.  There are 2 special orange Prime Number Card templates that have the primes from 1—100 highlighted in orange, including a single card image of the primes from 1—2499 (i.e. the front card by itself).

PDF file explaining how to decode the Prime Number Cards.

PDF inspired by my youngest’s interest in participating in her older brother’s math.  Covers some of the basics of manipulating algebraic terms, including definition of an algebraic term, identifying like terms, exponent rules, Distributive Property, warnings about common pitfalls, etc.  Prealgebra/early algebra.

PDF that describes a simple way to think about some ratio problems that makes them easier to understand and solve.  Includes several ratio problem examples.

Ratio Problems          New!