What’s New

We’ve launched our website!  Some links are not available yet, but they will be soon...We’ll be making some improvements and adding at least a little more content in the near future.



Excellent work done quickly.

Added wallet-size cards of proem in Greek and English.

Added Iliad proem cards

It has come to my attention that some of the verbs in the Greek version were translated in the passive voice when they should have been in the active voice.  The Greek cards will be updated and back online soon.


Temporarily disabled the Greek Iliad proem cards

I have several updates and new additions to the website planned; this section gives me a place to let others know what’ll be coming soon.

Added “Coming Soon” section to home page

Check out the new colors:  pink and blue, green and blue, light teal, yellow, dark green, and plain white.  Also updated the print instructions for the Prime Number Cards and added SaneSchool.com to all Prime Number Cards.

Added 6 new colors of the Prime Number Card

Added wallet-size cards of the Periodic Table with additional information on the back.

Added Science Zone and Periodic Table Wallet Cards

Added large view of Periodic Table Wallet Card and stub for Book Reviews section

Updated to sharper image of large view of Periodic Table Wallet Card and sharper version of Literary Analysis Chart.  Added a contact for comments.

Updated to better images and added contact

Added single image of orange Prime Number Wallet Card 1–2499 and single image of Periodic Table Wallet Card.  Updated print instructions for Periodic Table Wallet Card to encourage photo printing.

Added single images of Prime Number and Periodic Table Wallet Cards

Added The 25 Primes from 1—100 PDF and modified the corresponding chart to match.  Also, added a joke and changed section to Quotes and Jokes.

Added The 25 Primes from 1—100 PDF and changed to Quotes and Jokes

Lots of improvements, some small, some significant.  Prime Number Explanations greatly improved.

Published final version of Divisibility Rules and Their Explanations

Added PDF of divisibility rules and their (detailed) explanations.

Added Divisibility Rules and Their Explanations

Added new Calculation Challenge Game and modified the Math Zone page.  Deleted the Wooden Hand Productions and Art Zone sections.

Added Calculation Challenge Game and deleted some sections

Added table explaining weird element symbols in Science Zone             

Edited the Divisibility Rules document to get rid of unnecessary quotation marks and made some other minor mods.  Also, added a few new statistics to the Calculation Challenge Game, including a list of the unsolvable factor sets.

Divisibility Rules edits and Calculation Challenge Game additions

Minor edits to the Modular Arithmetic section of the Divisibility Rules document.

More Divisibility Rules edits

Added 4 colors of Prime Number Bookmarks and the associated pages.

Added Prime Number Bookmarks

Edited home page to list bullets of what’s in each section instead of paragraphs.

Edited home page

Edits to include 3 in the Prime Number Explanations.

Edits to Prime Number Explanations section of Divisibility Rules

Short PDF on prealgebra/early algebra topics.

Added Operations on Algebraic Terms PDF

Added Ratio Problems PDF and link to sister site and removed Book Reviews stub